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Wake Cannabis is a proud, locally-owned Muskoka cannabis retailer that aims to provide the relaxing feeling of sitting on the lake and enjoying the nice summer air. We strive to provide a pleasant, knowledgeable space to shop for cannabis while celebrating 

the community here in Muskoka.

We want to strive to add to Muskoka's already enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere by offering top quality bud and accessories to enjoy your weed in what ever way you see fit. 

We love meeting and working with local and Canadian artists with a similar mission and teaming up to support and advertise together, as we believe strongly in Muskoka's power in lifting and supporting each other's business to grow.

If you are a local or Canadian artist and you think we could Support each other's business Click Here and send us an email

or send us an email at [email protected]

Taylor Hollingshead



Hey it's Tay,

I was born in Muskoka 26 years ago and have called this place my home my whole life. I'm so excited to start this new journey and to keep learning more and expanding my knowledge in the world of marijuana, as well as the business world. I want to be able to share and teach this knowledge to others with similar interests or curiosities along the way.​

Jaden Hollingshead

Jaden Hollingshead


Hi I'm Jaden,

I am 22 years old and call Muskoka my home. I'm excited to grow Wake Cannabis in Muskoka and work with the community.

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Anatomy of a marijuana plant