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Our ongoing series of informational entries

Social Summer Drink​ing Without the Hangover

Drinking cannabis beverages

July 30, 2021

As the summer months continue on and businesses begin to re-open during the post-COVID era, some of us cannabis consumers have grown closer to the plant and further from alcohol; even developing a preference for it. The anxiety of going out to social gatherings where booze is the primary preference is daunting for those who do not enjoy drinking as much, but also don’t want to be the only ones not doing it. Now, with drinkable edibles, we can finally drink to get high instead of drinking to get drunk.

There are ways you can socially drink to consume cannabis in social gatherings that won’t get you too high while still always having a cold drink in your grasp. Here are a few tips that will help curb the anxiety over that ‘lonely stoner’ feeling when out with drinking buddies.

BYOCB (Bring Your Own Cannabis Beverage)

The first step for anything is to be prepared. If you know there is a get together coming up, pick up some cannabis beverages. Selecting your beverage is important because you want it to suit your needs. Some beverages, like the Aurora Drift THC Citrus Shot, are in small concentrated forms which make them harder to nurse. Although they taste delicious, they don’t really cater to drinking in social circumstances. It isn’t a drink you can nurse while engaging in conversation with friends.

When choosing a sociable drink it's important to look for volume. A standard can size and up is good to start when making your selection. These sizes are nursable, but it’s important to remember these are still edibles. Once you finish a drink you shouldn’t immediately go to the fridge or cooler and grab another one like you would a beer or seltzer. This brings us to our next point: how to consume these beverages responsibly in social environments.

Some great cannabis beverage to try are:

Deep Space THC 10mg CBD 0-1mg

Tweed THC 5mg CBD 1mg

Mollo THC 5mg CBD 5mg

Little Victory THC 2.5 CBD 2.5mg

House Plant THC 2.5mg CBD 0-1mg

Drinking Cannabis Responsibly

Over the summer months we have learned some methods of drinking cannabis beverages while everyone around you drinks alcohol. For these methods you will need either a Soda Stream, a case of carbonated water or juice of your choosing.

The first method is combining a standard to higher volume beverage with carbonated water. Diluting your beverage with soda water, you instantly create two drinks you can enjoy back-to-back. Beverages have a slightly quicker absorption time than traditional edibles, meaning you will feel the effects of THC and CBD faster. The absorption starts in the mouth through saliva whereas traditional edibles must go through the digestive system before you feel any type of effect-and that can sometimes take hours. The average time it takes someone to consume a social drink is the better part of an hour. so , by ingesting a full beverage over the span of two hours you decrease the risk of getting too high while still experiencing the effects of the beverage.

Depending on your tolerance, you could repeat this cycle throughout the get together; however, keep in mind the duration of time you plan on being there, this will determine the strength of the beverage you choose. If you plan on drinking for less than three hours, a higher THC beverage is appropriate. If you plan on being there all day, opt for a lower THC beverage or a low balanced one. This way, you can have your back-to-back drinks without the anxiety of thinking you accidentally took too much.

If you don’t want to compromise flavour, select a fruit juice or pop that pairs well with the flavour of your cannabis beverage. For example, any of the fruity flavours would taste delicious with a fruit juice. A citrus or mild flavour would taste good with a lemonade juice, add fresh mint sprigs for a more interesting and refined taste!

Remember: consuming alcohol with cannabis products can greatly impact the intensity and, for some, may have some undesired effects; so always enjoy responsibly. Before experimenting with different mixtures, make sure you know how your body reacts with edibles. Always start low and go slow, even with cannabis beverages. Social gatherings are finally coming back to us, and we don’t want to miss a second of them to duck out of the gathering for a smoke.​ 

No Power? No Problem!

Activities to do in a Power Outage with the Help of Cannabis

July 22, 2021

When you live up north, it’s no surprise when the power goes out. Whether it’s a raging blizzard, a thunderstorm, high winds or a heat wave that knocks your lights out, chances are boredom will not follow if there is cannabis around. For every type of cannabis consumer there is an activity that can make a powerless night enjoyable.

In this blog post we will give you some ideas on how to keep your sanity without electricity and with the help of cannabis! From new buds to connoisseurs, there are activities for everyone to indulge in and all that is needed is a bit of creativity and cannabis.

Get Creative

If you choose to go the creative route there are a number of things you can do. Lots of people have a craft they enjoy taking part in, so working on passion projects is natural to gravitate towards when looking for something to do. Painting and knitting or crocheting are good examples because they require no electricity and there is some muscle memory involved in them. If you decide to go the creative route, pair with a sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid to better explore your ideas creatively. Great strains for this are Jack Herer, Chemdog and Berry White.

Jack Herer is known to promote effects like alertness and a focussed mind through its mellow high, which can allow your mind to have ‘thinking room’ while you expand on your own creative ideas. This strain is good if you are a new consumer starting to dabble in how cannabis can be utilized to enhance specific experiences.

Chemdog is a step up from Jack Herer in terms of potency, meaning there is less ‘thinking room.’ A more seasoned consumer will benefit from this strain and be able to manage it for creative enhancement. Chemdog is known to be effective for turbo-boosting the mind and offering intense - almost dizzying - euphoric feelings. Once you get a hold of this intense high, you can use it to transform your wandering mind into a plethora of creative ideas.

Berry White is for pacifying or quieting buzzing minds before honing in on your creative pathway. Berry White is believed to help with pain relief like chronic aches throughout the body and can be helpful in muting those senses to focus on the creative exploration at hand. Depending on your passion project, repeated movements can contribute to chronic aches and even worsen when you are actively doing them. Berry White could help based on widespread reports from within the art and cannabis community.

Live, Laugh & Light Up

The beauty of cannabis is that it’s something that can be used in so many ways. Regardless of your level of experience, intended purpose or need for the plant, it’s often fun to do with your buds. If you are lucky enough to have others around you during a power outage, lighting up for some good natured, gut-wrenching laughs is always enjoyable! Whether you are sitting around telling stories and making jokes, or playing silly games that guarantee good laughs, having your best buds around to pass the time makes having no power so much easier.

If you decide to play some games, keep them simple and don’t get hung up on the rules too much. Here are some games that will have you and your buds in stitches on the floor, wishing the power never comes back!

Hearing Things is by far the funniest game to play with high friends. If you are okay with low-scoring games and more laughs, this is the game for you!

Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme have turned into go-tos when finding a game that inspires humorous moments. The bouts of laughter are more fleeting with a higher frequency and they will surely wrack up some points.

Hungry Hungry Hippos is hectic, stimulating fun! If you come across this classic, take the opportunity to play it! It’s both nostalgic and engaging, and guaranteed to bring on the giggles.

These are just a few of the many games you could play with others for some light-hearted fun. You could also go the classic route by playing charades, pictionary or taboo. If the coordination is there and you can do so safely, play Twister! Sativa or sativa-dominant strains are great for helping engage in games and keep energy high and uplifted.

Practicing Canna-sseurship

A more posh activity to do with cannabis during a power outage is refining your terpene taste buds. This activity is for seasoned cannabis consumers who are bordering or are connoisseurs of the plant. These consumers usually have a few different types of strains in varying methods of consumption, or at the very least two-to-three different ones.

A simple way to do this is to prepare your cannabis for smoking by rolling small joints of each strain. Mix them up in a jar or box then select one to start. If you have a friend around they can play along by rolling and mixing up the order for you to make it an even truer blind tasting! A good tip for doing this with a friend is to think of it as rounds. In round one you will both smoke a small joint and can share with each other your thoughts on the tastes from the first round. You can even discuss the effects that particular strain has on you. Since it will only be a small amount of weed for tasting, you won’t have to wait forever to start round two.

As you smoke the first one, pay special attention to the different terpene profiles by tasting for flavors like citrus, pepper or any other identifiable terpenes. This exercise is good because you get high a few separate times, which can help the time go by without power. With that said it’s important to remember to pace yourself when switching from strain-to-strain so you don’t get too high to finish the rest of the exercise!

When the power comes back, you may be disappointed. Unplugging every once in a while can be refreshing as well as grounding, and losing power is almost a good reminder to give yourself a break from screens or the internet...almost. 

Exploring Topicals

July 8, 2021

Cannabis isn’t just for getting high

Cannabis is no longer exclusively for smoking; you can ingest it as a snack or beverage, vaporize it using concentrates and even stick it under your tongue as a sublingual strip. We can now consume it through our skin!

What are Topicals?

Cannabis-infused topicals are products like lotions, balms and oils that are applied and absorbed through the skin with the goal of delivering localized relief or even cosmetic improvement. There are a wide range of care and beauty products available to consumers who are looking beyond the cerebral effects of cannabis. An emerging practice of harnessing the effects of specific terpenes with other ingredients - like essential oils - to further improve the topical’s intended outcome. In summary, topical use is driven by the therapeutic or non-intoxicating effects of cannabis.

Topicals account for a smaller portion of cannabis products selected by people who are regular consumers. Compared to the popularity of flower or edibles, topicals are among the least used cannabis products. Why is that? They may seem either unnecessary or irrelevant to new or seasoned consumers because the purpose of topicals rarely includes getting high; but rather to subjectively improve localized aches and pains. There are widespread testimonials surrounding the use of topicals as an effective way to ease specific pains. Another reason someone may decide to use topicals is to improve their own cosmetic appearance.

Selecting a topical that best suits you is the first step when using them as part of your self-care routine. If you are experiencing localized pain in specific parts of your body, most topicals may help as they are massaged into your skin...and you can use as much as you want without experiencing the cerebral effects of THC. If you experienced a long day at work and need to unwind or your entire body aches from hitting the gym too hard, a bath-bomb may work best. The beauty of bath-bombs is that you can split it in half to get the right dosage for your individual needs.

Patches are an emerging form of topical and are the only exception to experiencing the cerebral effects of THC and other cannabinoids through this method of consumption. Traditional topicals such as lotions and oils will not get you high but a patch might, depending on your own tolerance as well as its THC content. Presently, the patch is the only topical that seeps beneath your skin and penetrates the blood stream, allowing cannabinoids into your system rather than just in the area you placed it on.

Whether it’s beauty or wellness you are working towards, cannabis-infused topicals could help you. Many consumers with acute and chronic pain claim that it has helped them and believe that it has improved their well-being, focus and acuity due to the lack of discomfort they feel after using topicals.

The beauty of topicals, in regards to ending stigma around cannabis, is that it highlights how it helps people in a therapeutic way. Topicals are also a great entry point for people starting out on their cannabis journey while wrestling with the societal stigmas placed around it. By being introduced to cannabis on a therapeutic level, people may grow more understanding of it on all levels.

Topicals come in many forms - from bath bombs to personal lubricant - and are all geared towards improving your wellness. Whether you are striving for self-care or self-love, topicals may help you achieve the homeostasis you are looking for. It’s important to note that everyone’s body is unique, therefore the systems in which the topicals penetrate are different from person-to-person. 

JANUARY 4, 2021

CBD & Anxiety

The human body has many different receptors which are protein bases chemical structures attached to our cells. CBD is to knows interact with CBD1 and CBD2 receptors which are found in our nervous system by altering serotonin signals.

Serotonin plays role in our mental health. Low Serotonin levels are associated with people who have depression and anxiety. There are many forms of anxiety such as PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder, anxiety induced insomnia, nightmares etc.

You can take medications to alter your Serotonin levels or you may choose to try CBD and prefer natural treatment that may help your condition.

Research show that those people who used CBD experienced overall reduced anxiety levels.


For the amount taken, it is best to discuss with your Doctor as CBD may interact with other medication and dietary supplements.

Stepwise dosing is a process by which you first establish a baseline dosage / say for 7 days/ and adjust it incrementally by 1 or 2 mg every 3 days over a set period of time until you find your effective dose. Once you have determined your minimum effective dose you may wish to decrease your dosage by one step to see if you can maintain the benefits at a slightly lower dose. 

Blog Entry Two

DECEMBER 29​ 2020

5 Differences Between Sativa and Indica

Plants are classified according to a system dating back hundreds of years. Cannabis sativa L. is the binomial name or the species name for the cannabis plant. It is from the family of plants known as Canabaceae, which includes other plants like Hops and Hackberries.

Cannabis can be subdivided into two main subspecies sativa and indica. There are variations to those sub species in the form of hybrid’s and one other subspecies, Ruderalis, which is less common. For our purposes here we will be looking at the differences between sativa strains and indica strains.

Sativa strains originated in an area around the equator and can be found in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and several African Nations.

The Indica strains originated from a higher altitude and can be found predominantly in countries known for their hash culture such as Morocco, Afghanistan, Nepal and Turkey. These plants are shorter and fuller plants compared to their sativa counterparts.

The top five differences between indica and sativa are:


Sativas will always grow taller than their Indica sisters. Indoors I've seen sativas get as big as six feet while indicas tend to stay short - around three feet.


Sativa’s, are uplifting and cerebral, enhancing creativity and productivity. Indicas provide what has been called a “body high,” while sativas deliver more of a “mind high.”


Sativas have a wide range in flavors from fruity, like a Fruity Thai or Amnesia, to what is known as the cat-piss flavor, which is more of an ammonia scent. The indicas can also be quite fruity which you see a lot in the Kush varieties, as well as sport skunk flavors as found in indica hybrids.

Flowering time:

Sativas can take a long time to finish, We’ve seen a plant even go over 20 weeks. With sativas you could always change the 12/12 photo period to 11 on and 13 off to speed things up in the last few weeks. Indicas have a much shorter flowering time with the quickest indica We've ever seen finishing around 44 days. However, generally, indicas are finished between eight and 10 weeks. With added CO2 they will usually finish a week earlier.

Yield: Generally speaking the indicas tend to have a higher yield than their sativa sisters. However there are exceptions. On the indica side of things, the OG Kush tends to be low-yielding compared to some of the other indica sisters which can be mega yielders.

Source: High Times

Blog Entry One

NOVEMBER 14, 2020


It is not uncommon for some frequent users to face some challenges when it comes to getting things done. Maybe this is because it is easier to be distracted while high, or perhaps it is because cannabis use can trigger feelings of demotivation. Whichever it is, we have some advice on how to stay productive while high.

There is no shame in being one of those cannabis lovers that can’t accept the option of quitting weed. There must be another way! Well, you can absolutely have the best of both worlds. It is entirely possible to be a productive stoner. In fact, if you consider your marijuana intake a form of sustenance, just like food or water, then it is energy to do a lot of things! The trick is to channel that energy properly.

It is important to clear up that psychological standpoint before wanting to be productive while high. As long as you think marijuana makes you lazy, it will. It’s time to get rid of the idea that your laziness or unproductivity is completely due to your cannabis use.

The truth is that being productive and active has to do with several factors. For example, diet can be a huge contributor to sensations of laziness and overall inability to get things done. With that in mind, there are a few lifestyle-changes you can make to encourage motivation and productivity – even if you love the herb.

1. Set yourself goals

One of the most well-known theories for keeping employees motivated is the goal-setting theory. This isn’t just true for the relationship between employers and employees, but for the relationship we have with ourselves, too. When we achieve goals that we have set for ourselves, our confidence and motivation boost. This is what brings about high productivity.

2. Stay active

Once you’ve started your day on a marijuana buzz, keep using that energy to gain momentum. Once you slow down, laziness can start to tempt you. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can finish something later. That’s pure procrastination, and when you’re high it can get you into all kind of trouble.

Furthermore, if your task at hand involves being at a desk and doesn’t involve so much physical activity, it pays to get some exercise in. If you can go for a walk during your break, or get into the habit of walking to and from work if you’ve smoked the night before, you can be more productive during the day. Movement in the body is completely conducive to productivity, as it keeps the energy moving.

3. Pace yourself and be realistic!

When it comes to dosages while you are getting things done, pace yourself. Don’t get too high every time you decide to sit down for a break. If you’ve used a lot of cannabis before, you should know that an extremely strong effect could be debilitating. There’s no need to go there if you have a lot that you need to get done. You could even consider micro-dosing cannabis, as this has the possibility of increasing focus and attention, compared to not using cannabis.

4. Pick a strain that helps staying proactive

Your strain choice can have a huge effect on your productivity. Certain strains are more conducive to night time and drowsiness, while others encourage high physical energy. Sativa-dominant strains are usually linked with higher energy levels, while indica strains are usually associated with wanting to veg out completely.

If you are considering which strains you want to use to stay productive, you can consider the Trainwreck strain or Diesel Haze. Both strains encourage energetic highs that can put you in the mood to get work done. You can save your heavy indica smoke as a reward after a productive day!

5. Remember to enjoy!

Remember that the cannabis experience is a one to enjoy. If you simply enjoy using cannabis and relaxing, then maybe there is no reason to make it a part of your active day. You will get the best out of your marijuana experience by using it the way you like to

use it.

So, if after all of this advice you still cannot be productive while high, maybe it’s time to stop trying to be! If you can be productive without weed, then you can save your herbal time for more personal, relaxed activities. Or at the end of the day, your unproductivity could have nothing to do with your cannabis use!