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Cannabis 101: For Our New Buds

An ongoing series of informative entries

What To Do When You Get Too High

September 6, 2021

Whether you pulled in too much smoke, had an edible that took its time kicking in, or tried high potency dabs for the first time these, can all contribute to becoming too high. Another common factor is having a low tolerance for cannabis. There’s a difference between getting absolutely zooted and realizing you are too high-being too high is an uncomfortable feeling that can sometimes make someone feel helpless.

Every cannabis consumer has been a new bud at one point in their lives and will have a story of the first time they realized they had too much. Although it is impossible to overdose on cannabis, you can still take in a large amount that can make you feel more than unwell. Signs you have had too much include:





Sweating more than usual

So, how can we prevent this? If prevention has been surpassed, how can we restore feelings of comfort again? In this blog we will share some tips on how to counter the uneasy feeling of taking in too much THC as a new cannabis consumer.

First, don’t feel bad or ashamed of this, it could happen to anyone! New buds should be aware of how to determine their limit, how to prevent going way beyond their limit, and what to do when they do.

Know Your Limit

The only way to really determine your limit is by experience, the more experience you have the more familiar you will be with how much cannabis you can consume. Since new buds don’t have too much experience, they should always follow the golden rule: go low and slow. Keep your dosages low and gradually build from there as you continue on in your cannabis journey. Keep it slow by pacing yourself. If you just cleared a bowl, wait a while and assess how you are feeling before going back for more. Or, if you just ate an edible, give it time to kick in and never go for more within the onset time. If you have an edible at 4:20 pm and don’t feel anything until 5:00 pm, taking more could result in an overwhelmingly horrible experience. You will get hit with not one, but two edibles in a very short time span...which is not fun.


Preventing yourself from becoming too high is possible, but not full proof. There are a host of different factors that can counteract even your best, most full-proof efforts. The best way to prevent getting too high is pacing yourself, selecting a ‘safe’ strain containing slightly higher CBD or one that is balanced, can help ensure you don’t consume too much THC.

Too Much THC: Tips & Tricks

You accidentally had a bit too much cannabis...what do you do now? First, do not panic! You will be okay. Here is a list of tips and tricks that can help you reach a more balanced and comfortable state:

Don’t Panic

Panicking is the worst thing you can do when the realization that you’re too high hits. Try to relax, breathe and remember: no one has ever died from consuming too much cannabis. You will be fine and that feeling of “greening out” feeling will pass.

Put Your Focus Elsewhere

It’s important not to focus on the fact that you exceeded your cannabis limit. Instead, put a show or movie on and focus on that. By focusing on something other than your uneasiness you will be able to divert your attention outwardly rather than inwardly.

Hydration & Snacks

Sipping on some cool water and snacking lightly will allow you to further distract yourself. By focusing on the act of eating and drinking, you are grounding yourself and may feel more in control and less uncomfortable.


Stay calm by either getting comfortable on a bed or couch or moving yourself to an environment you feel calm in. Maybe your happy place is outdoors in the fresh air? Or in a recreational room where you spend a lot of time normally? Regardless of where you go to relax, make sure it is one of your comfort zones. If you are not at home, never drive or operate any motorized vehicle to reach your comfort zones. Instead, attempt to replicate them wherever you are or close your eyes and visualize them.

Go for a Walk

If you are restless, go for a walk outside. If possible, bring a friend along with you for support. Only do this if you are not feeling lightheaded or woozy as losing balance or falling over could be a potential risk-especially outdoors!

Bubble-Bath or Shower

Although this is not always possible, a relaxing bubble bath or warm shower can help you ride out the uneasy feeling of being too high. By putting yourself in a relaxed state you can adequately combat this feeling.

These few tactics should help you achieve a sense of comfort while your body filters through all the THC in its system. Greening out is definitely not fun, much like drinking too much, except it doesn’t last too long and you will probably not be hungover in the morning. You may feel a bit herbed-over, but this doesn’t last nearly as long as a hangover! If you find nothing is working, seek medical attention.

An Introduction to Dabs & Dab Rigs

How to start dabbing

August 6, 2021

What are Dabs?

Dabs are gaining popularity within the cannabis community and knowledge on concentrates are becoming more common. Dabs are highly concentrated doses of cannabis concentrates that deliver a powerful and efficient dose of THC, along with other cannabinoids. The different cannabis forms you can dab with are described as wax, shatter, budder and butane hash oil (BHO).

As new buds begin to explore the ever-expanding realm of cannabis, it’s important to know when to stay within your personal limitations and when to venture outside of them. If you have never smoked out of a bong, try that first as it will introduce you to inhaling a higher volume of smoke. If you have never eaten an edible, you may not be ready for intense highs that come with dabs. Once you are more comfortable with different methods of consuming cannabis, you will have the confidence to try out dabs.

How to Start

In order to begin dabbing you will need a dab rig. A dab rig consists of tools and accessories required to properly vaporize the cannabis concentrate-this method needs extremely high temperatures. Therefore, the tools needed to withstand these temperatures are specialized and different from a regular old bong. To start, you will need a rig, banger or nail, carb cap, dabber or dab tool and a butane torch. We will breakdown what all of these tools do, which will show why they are so important to have when starting your dabventure.


The rig is the water pipe piece of your dab rig setup. It is the foundation of your dab rig, similar to a bong and typically made of glass. A rig holds the water in its chamber and is capable of connecting to the nail or banger; much like how a bong connects to its bowl. To summarize, the equivalent of a rig is a bong and the equivalent of a nail or banger is a bowl.

Banger or Nail

A banger or nail is where dabs are vaporized through heat. It’s important to know that when you are dabbing you are torching the banger, not the concentrate. Bangers are made out of various different materials like glass, quartz, titanium and ceramic.

Carb Cap

The carb cap covers the top of the banger and is typically made of glass, quartz, titanium or ceramic. Its function is to trap the heat by lowering the pressure in the banger while also reducing the temperature of the vapors. It’s like the oven of the dab rig.

Dabber or Dab Tool

A dabber or dab tool is to simply scoop up the concentrate from its container and place it inside the banger to be vaporized. The dab tool is essential for preventing your hands from getting burned as well as preventing the concentrate from sticking to them.


A torch is needed to get that banger to a high enough temperature for the concentrate to vaporize. Using a butane hand torch is the most appropriate way to go because it heats the banger to an ideal temperature. Using a propane torch is not recommended for new buds because its flame burns much hotter than needed and can damage the banger.

How to Dab

Once you get the motions down, dabbing isn’t as scary as it may seem! There are more steps compared to a standard bong and more tools, but once you start gaining confidence you’ll be a pro-dabber. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to dab:

Step One - Heat the Nail or Banger

Using your butane torch, evenly heat up your banger. If you choose a quartz banger, heat it up until it is glowing red. It takes 20 to 60 seconds to heat up, depending on your torch.

Step Two - Let it Cool

Once your banger is at the right temperature, let it cool for about 30 to 60 seconds. This may not make much sense, but this will help to not scorch and burn your concentrate. The nail should cool until it reaches between 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is considered the optimal temperature for overall enjoyability of the dab. You can measure this by using an infrared thermometer and timing how long it takes your nail to cool down and reach that temperature range. If you don’t have a thermometer or choose not to use this measuring method, waiting 30 to 60 seconds is perfectly acceptable. Once you dab a few times you will pick up on how long you have to wait for the best temperature.

Step Three - Concentrate

Now that your banger is cooled to the desired temperature, place your concentrate onto its surface using the dab tool. Inhale the vapor at a slow and steady rate. The concentrate won’t instantly vaporize and pulling fast, like you would a bong, is not necessary.

Step Four - Carb Cap

Once the concentrate is in the banger, put the dab tool down and pick up the carb cap to place on top of the banger. Continue pulling until you are ready to clear the vapor by lifting the carb cap.

Step Five - Breathe Out

Immediately exhale the vapors, no need to hold it for a prolonged period of time.

Step Six - Clean

When the banger has cooled (but still warm) and is safe to touch with your hands, clean it using a cotton swab. For a thorough clean you can use bong cleaner or rubbing alcohol. The main goal for keeping a clean banger is to prevent it from impacting the taste of your concentrate.

Before starting to dab it’s important to remember that dabbing is a relatively new method of consuming cannabis and side effects of long term use are not well-known. More research needs to be done in order to adequately surmise if there are any additional dangers associated with long-term use. 

Productive with Cannabis

Five Helpful Tips

July 1, 2021

It’s not uncommon for frequent cannabis users to face some challenges when it comes to getting things done. From running day-to-day errands to staying active, completing these activities seems like a difficult task to do when experiencing the relaxing effects cannabis offers. Maybe this is due to being easily distracted while high, or perhaps it is because cannabis use can trigger feelings of demotivation in some cases. Whichever it is, we have some advice on how to stay productive while high.

The ‘lazy stoner’ stereotype is no longer the only identity for one who regularly enjoys cannabis; you can be a cannabis lover and be productive! Having the best of both worlds - using cannabis and being a productive part of society - is entirely achievable as well as the most accurate depiction of a modern day cannabis user. It is entirely possible to be a ‘productive stoner.’ In fact, by learning more about different strains, terpenes and methods of consumption you can have your cannabis work for you. By carefully considering what effects different strains have on you, you can select the most appropriate one depending on the type of day you have planned.

Let’s get one thing cleared up: cannabis is not the only thing making you feel unproductive. It is important to understand your state of mind before attempting to be productive while also being high. If you think cannabis makes you lazy, it will. It’s time to let go of the idea that the laziness or demotivation you may feel is solely due to cannabis use. The truth is that being productive and active has to do with several factors. For example, diet can be a huge contributor to feeling lazy, sluggish and overall inability to get things done. With this in mind, here are five lifestyle changes you can make to encourage motivation and productivity – even if you love cannabis.

1. Set Goals

One of the most well-known theories for keeping employees motivated is the goal-setting theory. This isn’t just true for the relationship between employers and employees, but for the relationship we have with ourselves, too. When we achieve goals that we have set for ourselves, our confidence and motivation boost. This is what brings about high productivity. A good way to reach these goals is to set SMART goals. Ensure they are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely. For example, if your goal is to finish a 40 page research paper, setting a weekly goal to have five pages completed by the end of the week is less daunting than thinking about those 40 pages that must be completed by the due date.

2. Stay Active

Once you’ve started your day on a cannabis buzz, keep using that energy to gain momentum. When you inevitably slow down, laziness can start to tempt you. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can finish something later, that’s procrastination sneaking up on you. Procrastination when high can get you into a deep unproductive hole that is difficult to dig yourself out of.

Furthermore, if your task at hand involves being at a desk and doesn’t involve too much physical activity, it can make a world of difference to get some exercise when reaching for increased productivity. If you can go for a walk during a break or get into the habit of walking to and from work if you’ve smoked the night before, you can be more productive during the day. Movement in the body is highly conducive to productivity, as it keeps the energy flowing.

3. Pace Yourself & Be Realistic!

When it comes to dosing while you are getting things done, pace yourself. Don’t get too high every time you decide to sit down for a break. If you’ve used a lot of cannabis before, you should know that an extremely strong effect could be sedation. There’s no need to go there if you have a lot that you need to get done. You could even consider microdosing cannabis, as this has the possibility of increasing focus and attention, compared to not using cannabis.

4. Pick the Right Strain

Your strain choice can have a huge effect on your productivity. Certain strains are more conducive to night time and drowsiness, while others encourage high energy. Sativa-dominant strains are usually linked with higher energy levels, while indica strains are usually associated with deep relaxation.

If you are considering which strains you want to use to stay productive, you can consider the strains Trainwreck or Diesel Haze. Both strains encourage energetic highs that can put you in the mood to get work done. You can save your heavy indica smoke as a reward after a productive day!

5. Remember to Enjoy!

Remember that the cannabis experience is a one to enjoy. If you simply enjoy using cannabis and relaxing, then maybe there is no reason to make it a part of your active day. You will get the best out of your experience by using it in a way that you thoroughly enjoy.

It’s important to remember that not everyone has the capacity to be productive while consuming cannabis. If you have tried all these tips and are still struggling to reach the level of productivity you want...maybe that’s not on your cannabis journey. There is a whole list of factors that contribute to someone’s productivity level. A good general rule of thumb (especially for our new buds) to know if you can be productive as well as a daily consumer of cannabis is: if you are not productive without, you will most likely not be productive with. 

Your Guide to Tasty Terpenes

June 24, 2021

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are what give different strains their different flavour profiles; they are aromatic oils that we can taste and smell. They are found in the same parts of the cannabis plants that house cannabinoids, most notably where THC and CBD are secreted. Emerging research suggests that the effects we feel when smoking different strains are largely reliant on the different terpenes present in that strain and not reliant on whether it is indica or sativa.

Certain terpenes may promote effects that encourage stress-relief and relaxation. Myrcene is a terpene found in cannabis strains that generally have relaxing effects like Blue Dream or Granddaddy Purple. Other terpenes may promote effects like creativity, focus and acuity. Terpinolene is a terpene found in strains that generally have more uplifting effects such as Jack Herer or Ghost Train Haze.

The Importance of Terpene Knowledge

Now that we know what terpenes are, we should explore why this knowledge is important. Aside from gaining a deeper appreciation for the diversity of cannabis has to offer, how does this information actually help us?

By trying out different strains and noting which ones are preferred, a commonality can be determined between them and we can narrow down which terpenes are the favourites. If you like the uplifting effects of some strains you can record which flavour profiles they had and use that information when picking other strains. The entourage effect is a good topic to be aware of when learning about terpenes. It is a theory that describes the complex interactions different terpenes have with each other and how they manifest themselves to produce different flavours as well as psychoactive effects. However, for the purpose of this guide we will keep it super simple!

Once you taste and smell the differences between strains, you have started the journey to cannabis connoisseurship! Honing the ability to taste differences between strains takes lots of considerate seshes, research and desire to learn more in order to refine your cannabis senses.

Common Cannabis Terpenes

Use this chart to help train your cannabis taste buds. Grab any one of these strains listed below and while you smoke it, try to pinpoint what the different flavour profiles are by tasting for the specific terpene. For example, if we smoke Hindu Kush we will try and taste for citrus found in the terpene limonene. Cannabis and their terpenes can have different effects from person to person, so by identifying your personal favourites you can always have a great sesh!

The Basics of Rolling a Joint

June 10, 2021

The ability to roll a joint seems like a right-of-passage for any new bud starting their cannabis journey. At first, rolling a joint can be frustrating and difficult, but with enough practice you’ll master it in no time. We will go through the simple steps of how to roll a joint and what to do if you cannot roll but enjoy joints!

Step One: Grind It

Pick your favourite strain and grind it up. Make sure you put an appropriate amount of flower in your grinder to avoid having to stop mid way through rolling to grind up more. This way your hands won’t get too sticky when it comes to rolling (step five). Some tasty strains to try when rolling joints are Super Lemon Haze, Zkittlez and Bubblegum to name a few. 

Step Two: Filter It

Just like our words, our joints need filters too! Not only do filters help catch the large pieces of debris from entering your mouth, they also act as a crutch for your joint and offer more stability. Filters are a must for new buds just learning how to roll. You can purchase them or make them. Most times, rolling papers like Raw or ZigZag have crutch material (cardboard-like paper) that consumers can use to make their own. The easiest way to make a filter is by ripping a small piece of paper (business cards work well!), doing an accordion fold and then wrapping the tail end of the paper around the accordion folds.

*Tip* Lightly crumple the rolling paper and then smooth it out before filling it. This increases the flexibility of the paper during the rolling step and gives you more control over the fine pieces of flower inside.

Step Three: Fill It

Now that you have prepared your paper, filter and flower, fill the paper with both. On one end of the paper place the filter inside the paper. Once you have established a solid hold on both the paper and filter, add the flower. Usually half a gram to a full gram is sufficient for the average joint. It is very important to remember to make sure the glossy strip of the paper is facing you so that when you are ready to activate the sticky adhesive part it is easily accessible and within licking reach.

Step Four: Pack It

Packing the joint is essentially a process where you mold or compress the flower into a cylindrical or cone shape. You don’t want to pack it too tight or else your joint will have difficulty getting air flow through it. You need some airflow in order for the joint to burn, by packing it too tight or airtight, inhaling any smoke will be very difficult. By pinching both sides of the paper together and then rubbing your fingers back and forth around the flower, you should end up with a cone or cylinder shape.

Step Five: Roll It

This is where it gets tricky. Getting the muscle memory down for rolling takes a good amount of practice before nailing it. Starting at the side of the joint where you place the filter, start rolling or tucking in the side of the paper without the adhesive strip. When you start at the filter end, it helps guide the roll throughout the rest of the joint. Roll until all the flower inside is surrounded by the paper, then add moisture to the adhesive strip (usually by licking) and stick it to the paper in a rolling motion.

Step Six: Stuff It

This step requires a pokey (a thin stick-like tool) to delicately push the flower further into the joint. A pokey can be anything from a bobby pin to a toothpick, as long as it’s skinny enough to be inserted into the joint. There is usually enough room to add more flower at the top of the joint (especially if you are new to rolling). To do this, scoop the bonus bud into the top of the open joint before the next step if needed.

If you don’t have a pokey lying around you can make more room at the top of the joint by pinching the top of the joint closed and carefully flicking it back and forth as if you were putting out a match. Another way is by lightly tapping the filter end on a hard surface with the open end facing directly upwards. This method uses gravity to settle the flower deeper into the joint, giving you more room at the top. 

Step Seven: Twist It 

Once you are satisfied with how much flower your joint contains and how durable it is, you are ready to twist the top and light it up! 

Step Eight: Enjoy It



At first, rolling is hard work; so when you finally twist it closed you can appreciate the art of rolling a joint. Still struggling to roll a smokable joint? Good thing pre-rolls exist! Pre-rolls are a great alternative to rolling because they are all rolled perfectly every time; however they aren’t as fresh as rolling them yourself. 

The Perfect Sesh Every Time

May 27 2021

Whether you smoke it, eat it, vape it or drink it, cannabis provides us with an enjoyable high during a sesh. There are ways to make the sesh even more enjoyable by following these simple steps. The act of seshing, either by yourself or with a group (following applicable COVID guidelines of course) is described by cannabis consumers as being highly ritualistic. By following these steps, our new buds will have some great seshes.

Step One - Munchie Prep

Deciding what to eat is sometimes an impossible task when you’re sober, never mind when you're high! By figuring out the munchie situation before the actual sesh, you are looking out for your future-self.

Takeout is always a good option for munchies. Some of our favourite local munchable spots are Shelby’s Chip Wagon, Well Fed, Only Zoey’s and Pizza One Muskoka. Now more than ever it is so important to choose a local small business when making the decision to have takeout food if you can.

Making the munch yourself can be a more health-conscious option plus it’s fun to make creative culinary masterpieces! Cooking after seshing creates a higher risk of stuff possibly going wrong like cooking meat improperly, burns from handling hot pans or cuts from chopping with sharp knives. Chances are, if you are new to cannabis you are new to cooking high. A suggestion would be to partially make whatever it is by preparing the ingredients and assembling it after the sesh. For example, if you chose to make tacos you would chop up all the veggies, shred the cheese, place your guac or salsa or sour cream (or all the above!) into bowls and cook the taco meat (if any). This way it is fast-ish and easy to put together so you can enjoy your munchies!

Step Two - Fire Playlist and/or Activities

Music can really make or break a sesh. Having some low volume music in the background elevates the whole experience. A sesh is meant to be about the people, the cannabis and good positive vibes. Music keeps things lighthearted and creates an environment that encourages conversations or simply just enjoying the tunes. A sesh is more than the bud you are smoking, it's the experience that comes with it.

Depending on the vibe of the sesh you can set up a movie or TV series to binge. Or, if it’s more of an upbeat sesh you can organize activities to do afterwards; anything from playing board games to taking part in online painting classes is sure to provide a fun time.

Some great games to play are:

Hearing Things

Cards Against Humanity


What Do You Meme

These are just a few, there are boat-loads of options!

Step Three - Set Up the Sesh Den

Setting up your sesh den adequately will ensure that the flow of the sesh is not disturbed and make the experience more enjoyable. The most important thing to remember is a lighter. Without the lighter there is no burn, it’s that simple! Always have a lighter on hand and even a back up. Too many times there are instances where we all reach the sesh and there is not a lighter in sight.

Another important thing to include within the vicinity of the sesh den is water. Whether you are smoking joints or bowls or eating edibles, water is essential to have; if you take a big hit (and didn’t mean to) or to wash down an edible.

Accessible seating is also key in keeping the flow of the sesh going. If you prefer to stand while you smoke, it is still a good idea to have somewhere to sit if you need to.

Step Four - Sesh


Step Five - Enjoy the Ride

Wherever the mood takes you - to the munchies or to the activities - submerge yourself into the experience. The effects cannabis provides coupled with great company is the whole premise of a sesh! If you are seshing alone, do something you enjoy whether that is relaxing and watching movies or doing more stimulating activities. Regardless of company or lack of it, creating an environment that is both enjoyable and comfortable to be in while high is the most important thing.


These simple steps will help you lay the foundation of your sesh rituals. Once you become more experienced you can start tailoring things to fit your exact needs. These guidelines are helpful for any new recreational consumer who may be at the beginning of their cannabis journey. 

The Basics: Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid

How to pick your cannabis

May 13 2021

If you’ve heard of cannabis, you’ve likely heard of the terms sativa, indica and hybrid. These are the most popular types of cannabis plants. When looking for a particular strain, it’s important to remember that effects are not directly rooted in the types of plant, but rather the cannabinoids (THC and CBD) and terpenes found in that strain according to emerging research. With that said, sativa, indica and hybrid strains do have specific traits that differentiate them as far as effects go; however, not all indica, sativa or hybrid strains will affect you in the same way. For the purposes of this post, we will mainly look at what these different types of cannabis plants do for your high in general, with the understanding that the effects are dependent on the terpenes and cannabinoids that tend to be within the plant.

Let’s talk about plants


An easy way to distinguish if a plant is of the sativa variety is by looking at its physical characteristics. It will have narrow leaves and a tall frame; sativa plants are tall and skinny. Overall, sativa strains will leave you feeling energetic and euphoric by providing a “head high” that gives an uplifting feeling. Not all sativas do this, but for the most part this is a safe generalization. Sativas are often referred to as “daytime” strains as consumers claim it makes them more productive, creative and focused. Whether you are planning a day of chores or a day of hiking in Muskoka, selecting the right sativa strain for you comes highly recommended. Some popular strains to try are Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze and Jack Herer



An indica plant is much shorter and appears bushier compared to a sativa. The leaves are noticeably broader in comparison to sativa, which is usually a telltale sign that you are looking at an indica plant. Indicas are fondly nicknamed “in-da-couch” after its sedative body-high effects. It is widely claimed that indica strains provide a sense of deep relaxation and tingling or buzzing throughout the body. Consumers generally use an indica strain to relax and unwind after a day at work or before they go to sleep, hence its categorization as “nighttime” strains. Some popular must-try indica strains are Northern Lights, Blueberry and Granddaddy Purple.


Hybrid strains are more difficult to tell apart because it falls right in the middle of the two types of plant and can take more dominantly to either sativa or indica. Hybrids are very dependent on the genetic makeup of its “parent” strains and give a wide variety of effects. Depending on the hybrids lineage or family tree it can be more sativa dominant or more indica dominant. Overall, hybrids offer the best of both worlds when it comes to effects, from euphoria to energetic to relaxation it can take you on a balanced trip between sativa and indica. Some popular must-try hybrid strains are Blue Dream, White Widow and Pineapple Express.

Tips on deciding what to pick

Shop for an experience rather than a specific type or strain. This way you are able to take into account all of the bud options available. Telling your budtender the mood, effects or experiences you want to get out of your cannabis will help them narrow your search and leave you satisfied with your choice.

Know your limit and toke within it. Considering the potency of the product you choose is important...especially for our new buds! If you start off with a high THC strain it can impact how much you enjoy your experience. Too much too fast is not the way to go when starting the cannabis journey. Starting low and slow is the way to go when finding your comfort level. From there, you can slowly increase your THC potency level that is suited for you. To start, find a potency that is either balanced or slightly higher than the CBD percentage.

With more experience you will be able to recognize and appreciate the different effects your desired strain provides. For example, when consuming a sativa strain for the first time you may lack the experience to separate cannabis’ depressant nature from the euphoric effects of the strain solely because you have never experienced the euphoria that tends to come with a sativa. Don’t be turned off if you try a sativa and don’t immediately want to do all the chores in the house, it takes time and experience!

Record which strains you liked and which strains that didn't quite fit your herbal palate. This way, you avoid buying the same strain again or a strain similar to it. Talking with your budtender about strains you enjoyed will help them better understand the products you will like.

Talk to your healthcare professional if you have any existing medical conditions before you start exploring any cannabis products! Medical professionals are the best source for advice on how cannabis can affect specific health conditions. All statements in this blog come from the writer’s personal experience with cannabis. Your mileage may vary as everyone is different.